Oscar 328 Sawmill

  • 28" Log Capacity                           
  • 2) 6' Track Sections
  • 10 HP Engine
  • 2 Standard Log Dogs

This unit will fit in the back of your truck, trailer option is available for

roading it to the logs as well. 

Oscar 330 PRO Sawmill

  • 30" Log Capacity                                 
  • 2)7' Track Sections
  • 23 HP V-Twin Engine
  • Powder Coat Finish
  • Options: Larger lubrication tank, 12 V power feed with adjustable
  • speed control forward and reverse, log ramps for trailer model,
  • RPM & hour meter
  • Trailer Options: 16', 20', 24' and 28'

HFE-36 Sawmill

  • 36" Log Capacity                                             IN STOCK  $6199.00
  • 2) 7' Track Sections
  • 16 HP Engine
  • 2 Standard Log Dogs

If you have large projects, lots of land to clear and seeking production,

this is your unit. Building fences, floors, walls, beams etc.. Your projects

are endless.

HFE 21 Sawmill

  • 21" Logs                                        IN STOCK $3195.00
  • 6.5 HP Engine
  • 12' Track
  • Centrifugal Clutch
  • 2 Standard Log Dogs

Compact Sawmill that can be easily stored out of your way, cutting

boards as thin as paper. The possibilities are endless from the

craftsman to the commercial guy.

HUD-SON Forest Equipment

Oscar 428 Sawmill

  • 28" Log Capacity                                IN STOCK $4995.00
  • Unlimited Track Sections/Length
  • 14 HP Electric Start Engine
  • Also avail 5 HP Electric

This is very handy if your battery ever fails, you can still start your unit.

 This upgrade is the same clutch we use on our 14-35 hp motor and they

have given flawless performance and durability. .

The Oscar-428 has a 28” diameter log capacity and unlimited length

capacity with optional track sections. The standard unit comes with

two six-foot sections of track that will allow you to cut a 9 ½ foot log!

HFE-30  Sawmill

  • 30" Log Capacity                                       
  • 13 HP Engine
  • 2) 7' Track Sections
  • Hand crank lift

With a 30" log capacity, you can cut boards and beams and much more

for all your projects. A "tree" is no longer just a "tree".

Manual Firewood Bundler

  • 7 Second Cycle Time                              IN STOCK $1399.00
  • Can Bundle up to 1 full cube
  • Adjustable for different sizes/styles of wrap
  • 11" 60 Gauge Wrap

Hud-Son Forest Equipment offers a simple way to bundle firewood

for sale at campgrounds, convenient stores or any place you

would like to offer bundled firewood for sale. The manual

firewood bundler is quick and easy to use.

HDH4 Wood Splitter

  • 7 Second Cycle Time                              IN STOCK $5250.00
  • 13HP Gas/14 HP Electric (Optional)
  • 4 Way Wedge (standard)/ Log Loader (Optional)

This new HDH4 commercial grade heavy duty Hud-Son Log Splitter

is here and ready for you. It is built so tough that it comes standard

with a 4-way wedge! For the ones who want to get the wood done with

less work!