Log Splitters, Firewood Processors, and Conveyors

Made in the U.S.A (Rutland, VT)

Rugged machines built to last a lifetime! Not your box store machine, we have warranty and parts that we stand behind. 

Welcome to Timberworks Forestry

You're one stop shop for your equipment needs for cutting firewood to saw milling planks for your hardwood floors in your dream kitchen. If you're a home owner who uses firewood to heat your home or the commercial guy who sells it for a living, we have the machines to make your life easier. 

If you like tinkering around with wood on small projects or are in the lumber business, we can help you there too. Please do send photos of projects completed so we can add  it to our web page and show off your work. We'll gladly promote your work as you do our units. We appreciate doing business with you! 


Colorado Springs, Colorado

We are a branch off of Maxx Forestry Equipment,

us being the 3rd location is very exciting! Feel free to visit their

page as well:


Welcome to Timberworks Forestry Equipment... Loveland, Colorado

Contact for more information:  Northern Colorado

Chad Buxbaum  970-646-2323  chad.timberworks@yahoo.com


Sawmills, Firewood Processors, Conveyors, Splitters, Grapples, Bundlers- ETC

Made in the U.S.A (Barneveld, NY)

From the garage side jobs to the commercial lumber yards, as well as moving material around- HUD-SON has the products you need to get the job done. 


Lots of Sawmills, get yours today!